10 Lip Smacking, Easy D.I.Y. Lip Balm Recipes

2 September 2015

I live in Alberta, Canada.  Summer season is short here and winter seems to never end!  It's only the beginning of September and we are already cooling down and the pending doom of winter can be felt in the air.  Our winters are long, very cold and super dry!  Lip balm is not an option here, it is a must!

I have a few favourite brands of lip balm.  Burt's Bees and Baby Lips are just a couple that I love to wear and use.  But, as a die hard crafter and D.I.Y. enthusiast, I have decided to try and make my own!  

Below is a list of handmade lip balm recipes that I found on the wild web.  I am looking forward to trying a few of them out!  Hopefully, you will find one or two recipes that you will like too!

1.  Beautylish has a great recipe for a peppermint and bees wax lip balm in a recycled Altoids tin!  I know where I live in Canada, Altiods are not easy to find.  Another alternative for the Altoids tin could be a Tic Tac container or Ice Breakers Sour Mints container.  You would need to be a bit cautious because the containers are made from plastic, but, I think with a little care and caution, they could be a great alternative!

2.  Gingerlymade has a super easy and super yummy recipe for Kool-Aid Lip Balm!  Who can resist the yummy flavours of Kool-Aid?  Another alternative would be to use other drink powders, such as Crystal Light or Jolly Ranchers!  

3.   Food + Words has come up with a Chocolate Mint Lip Gloss!  How super yummy!  This recipe uses real chocolate chips!  So, it is like a dessert on your lips!  All the glorious sweet taste of Chocolate Mint, minus the calories on the hips!

4.  Enjoying This Journey has created a dreamy Dreamcicle lip balm recipe that is sure to please!  It sounds absolutely dreamy!  Looking for containers to keep your handmade lip balm in?  Try checking out the dollar store!  They often have packages of small plastic containers to keep seed beads in!

5.  Beautylish has made the list again!  I love the idea of using a locket to hold your handmade lip balm!  This might be a great idea for Etsy sellers!  Or to make and sell at craft fairs!  This particular recipe uses coconut oil and grated lip stick for added tint!  

6.  The Happier Homemaker has posted a lovely recipe for a Lavendar Lip Balm.  I love Lavendar and I think this would make a very lovely, relaxing lip balm.  If you have anxiety, try dabbing some of this balm on your lips, and let the beauty of lavendar calm you!  And, as an added bonus, there are free, printable labels!

7.  Nerds and Nomsense offers an interesting recipe for their "Good Night Kiss" lip balm.  Some of the flavours included in this recipe are mango, cinnamon, vanilla, honey and more!  I am very excited about this recipe because it sounds super yummy and is quite different from the other recipes!

8.  Hello Natural has posted a Pumpkin Spice lip balm recipe that is simply lip smacking yummy!  Who can resist pumpkin spice?  I know I can't! This lip balm sounds so delicious and it's the perfect time of year for anything pumpkin!

9.   Happy Money Saver has a great copycat recipe for one of my favorite commercial lip balms!  Burt's Bees!  

10.  This last post is for D.I.Y. Baby lips lip balm!  

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