New Work

1 March 2016

I love texture.  I love both visual and physical texture.  But, I do have to admit that paintings with lots of physical texture really sparks my interest. I think it is the sculptor in me!  I've recently been exploring both texture and colour.  I've never been one who followed colour theory.  Partly because it bored me and also because I didn't completely grasp it.  As I am growing in my art and as an artist, I wanted to change that.  So, I began a series where I explored texture and colour.  The painting below is a reflection of this exploration.    

"Earth and Water"
Mixed Media Abstract
Canvas - 16"x20"
I need to work on my photography!  But I really love this painting.  I noticed that I tend to gravitate towards darker, muted, earthy colours.  I love the splash of metallic turquoise and I love the way the painting is subtle but speaks strongly the story I was trying to tell.  

On a personal note - today is my last radiation treatment for a few weeks!  I am so excited!  I am doing pretty good and I feel very optimistic!
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